How A Solution-Based Approach To Real Estate Helped Sell 24 Ruth Court

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How A Solution-Based Approach To Real Estate Helped Sell 24 Ruth Court

It’s one thing to say Brightwork Realty is different because we take a smart, solution-based approach to real estate, but we know that without proof to back it up, those are just words. 

So let’s talk about 24 Ruth Court and how Brightwork was able to help the sellers get the outcome they wanted in a fluctuating market.

Last year, the beautiful home of some family friends came on the market just as interest rates were bumping up and the market was cooling down. They knew that they wanted to sell and were committed to seeing it happen. Together, we created a strategy for success and set out to patiently follow it and sell their home.

We had one offer that came and went, so we started over again because they really wanted to sell!

As the end of the year approached, there were a few moments of doubt, but we persisted, and low and behold, the perfect buyer showed up! They loved the house, and they wrote an offer contingent on the sale of a home in Danville.

Contingent is a bit of a ‘dirty word’ in real estate, especially after the craziness of the pandemic market that just ended, because there is a lot more risk. And wouldn’t you know it? The Danville home did not sell. Nobody got mad; we just went back to the drawing board. We kept working – Two agents and two families committed to finding a way to get the deal done.

The Danville buyer was able to get financing another way – financing that was less desirable and more expensive, but they really wanted to own the Ruth Court home. So, both agents and both families came together and went back to the drawing board again and negotiated a solution that worked for everyone.

The experience, persistence, and communication of the agents paid off in a less-than-desirable market to negotiate a deal with was favorable to both the buyer and the seller. Brightwork Realty isn’t just about the transaction. We are advocates who work tirelessly to get the job done well for all people involved, regardless of the condition of the real estate market.

After the sale of Ruth Court, we helped the family friends buy a smaller brand-new home in a nearby community. In addition, the BrightWork team went above and beyond by providing them with organizers, movers, a handyman, and more to ensure the move was as smooth as possible.

Brightwork Realty is always full-service. We aim to be your Realtor for life by making you feel supported during every step of the process. If you are looking to list your home, we would love to talk to you about how we can help. Contact us here or give us a call at 925-200-6000 today!

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