Don’t sell yourself short!

Don’t let others make money from your home. Make money like a flipper and flip your own house! With a no-interest loan of up to $500,000 and a team of trusted contractors, you can enhance your home’s curb appeal, upgrade the kitchen, replace the roof, and more to increase your home’s listing price.

How It Works


1. Meet with a BrightWork Agent

An agent will assess your home and figure out what the as-is listing price for your home is, given the current market and current condition of your home.

2. Identify Upgrades That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

No guessing here! Our experienced agents will help you identify the work that will increase your home’s value the most, so you don’t waste your time and money.

3. Get a No-Interest Loan for Upgrades & Improvements

With a clear list of upgrades and improvements to be made, we will help you quickly secure a no-interest loan so work can start as soon as possible and get your home on the market.

4. Make Improvements and List Your Home

BrightWork will get the work done with the help of some of the best and most trusted contractors so the work on your home is done efficiently and correctly. Once the work is completed, your agent will list your home, and you’ll be on your way to bigger profits and a new home.

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